Our Food

rose veal greek stew

Our dishes are all inspired by village dishes for which there are no recipes just watching and learning over the years as Nadia did with her grandmother – Mrs Elpiniki.  We use sustainable British ingredients including kid goat, rose veal, offal, vine-leaves, pulses, whey cheese and squid.  Our flavour combinations are original and have been […]

What you can find at Gourmet Goat – Borough Market

kid goat kebab

Diced grilled kid goat

We skewer diced kid goat meat which we then cook on the grill. As we only use loin meat it’s tender and so we only need to cook it for a few minutes. We serve this in a Greek pitta or in a salad box along with our tzatziki and fresh chilli salsa. Photo by […]

Slow Roast Rose Veal Pita 800

Slow roast rose veal

We roast rose veal with a baharat spice mixture and grape molasses. We make our own baharat using cumin, cloves, gum mastic, black pepper, cinnamon and Turkish chilli flakes. We use an organic grape molasses widely used in the east Mediterranean but not as well-known as pomegranate molasses. This is served in a salad box […]

slow roast rose veal

Salad Boxes

We like to change our salads depending which dishes we have on. At the moment our salads can come with kofta, slow roast veal or diced grilled meat. Over the summer you can expect to find three salads: Roasted vegetable with baked whey and dakos which is a traditional barley rusk handmade in Crete using […]

Kid Goat Meat Kofta

Kid goat meat kofta in Greek pita

If you haven’t had kid goat before and you are a little shy about it all try this little beauty, it won’t disappoint you we promise.   We use authentic fluffy Greek pita which is heated on the grill. We add  our little green flavour bomb: a fresh chilli salsa. We make our salsa using fresh […]