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Gourmet Goat Ltd

Sourcing Policy

We prefer to source locally in the UK wherever possible. However the nature of our food with Eastern Mediterranean influences means that we have to import products. As we are a small operation we don’t yet have the buying power to be able to source direct from farms etc all the time. We choose suppliers that have a similar ethos to our own when it comes to sustainability.

We try and use seasonal produce where practical and will continue to develop a range of dishes as we grow.


Fresh Produce

All vegetables are sourced from Grovers wholesale directly behind us in the market and therefore low carbon footprint. Their sourcing prefers English produce, but they do go outside the country for some products which are not in season in the UK


We believe in the ‘eat better quality meat less’ often approach. All our meat is of the highest quality

Kid Goat –  All our kid goat comes from surplus billies from the dairy industry. We only by direct from the farm (Gourmet Goatling and the Kid Meat Co.) and it is free range. We have specification in place regarding how the animals are reared, what they are fed on and how they are slaughtered. This ensures the highest welfare standards are in place. Goat meat production does not have the same regulation as other meat and therefore we are very specific about our requirements, which means the farms are not local. We use whole carcasses to ensure minimum wastage.

Veal – All our veal comes from surplus calves from the dairy industry. We only use CIWF certified ‘rose’ veal direct from a farm (Westons). We also have to use a distributer (Buitlaar) as we only use one cut (veal calves are much bigger than kid goats). This company takes calves from smaller farms that don’t have the capacity to process the animals themselves.

Mutton – All our mutton comes from Village farm organics and is free range and organic. They are a truly ethical and sustainable farm in every way.


Cheese – We use imported cheese (Feta and Halloumi) from a single supplier close to our home that we collect from. The Halloumi is matured and stored in brine, which means a reduction in packaging and also energy required to chill.

Eggs – free range sourced from wild beef company at borough market. We were awarded the good egg award in 2017.

Dried goods

Pulses – We only source dried pulses from UK growers Hodemedods

Imported goods

Sugar – Fairtrade

Other – Organic where feasible



  • Only use rose veal direct from farms by the end of 2017
  • Achieve good calf commendation by the end of 2017
  • Introduce more seasonal dishes to reduce the amount of vegetables bought from overseas.


Signed by

Title: Operations Director

Date: 5th June 2017