Maritime free range organic mutton

Slow cooked minced Hogget / Mutton, aubergine & preserved lemon with bulghur pilaf,  East Med slaw & homemade hummus.

Free range organic hogget and mutton


You would have thought that finding suppliers that have the same ethos as ours would be easy. Certainly if we wanted free range, rare breed pork this would be case but when it comes to hogget and mutton you have do some serious research. Then via instagram a friend of ours at Borough Market put us in touch with a farm in South Devon called Village farm. These guys have taken  a windswept, misused neglected, coastal farm and turned it into an abundant rich landscape that produces nourishing, healthy, high welfare food with 100% traceability while simultaneously becoming a haven for wildlife.

Their lamb, hogget and mutton are reared outdoors on certified organic pasture. They are reared naturally, no force weaning, fattening up and no manipulation of lambing seasons (you would be surprised at how many farmers do this). After a chat on the phone they sent us a sample and we were blown away by the flavour of the meat, you could taste the herbs and the salt from the sea. We tried other suppliers, but the flavour was too harsh, with no depth to it.

A perfect fit for a sustainable street food dish then? Indeed, but how to do the meat justice. Nadia spent over 2 months experimenting with different dishes that brought out the flavour. She finally settled on using the mince (best way to use all the meat with no wastage) and slow cooked this with aubergine to absorb all the flavours. A little, tomato paste, marjoram and cinnamon was added to enhance the flavour profile and finally preserved lemon to lift the whole dish. It’s a beautiful rich dish and the flavour of the mutton sings, we guarantee it’s like nothing you have tasted before.

Of course it doesn’t stop their, what to have with it? We think it goes best with our Bulghur wheat pilaf, East Med slaw and a good dollop of hummus. No ordinary hummus but homemade hummus, using organic chickpeas. (The hummus and mutton is a match made in heaven)