Kid goat meat mixed pita

kid goat kofta and souvlaki

If you are hungry and think you can handle our big kid wrap then give it a goat!  We use an authentic fluffy Greek pita which is heated on the grill. We add our little green flavour bomb: a fresh chilli salsa. We make our salsa using fresh green chillies, fresh herbs and our own spice mixture which we grind from toasted seeds.    Then comes a big dollop of our tzatziki made with real Greek yogurt and seasonal tangy herbs and which forms the perfect spot to place our freshly made kofta.

We use lean kid goat mince to make our koftas.  We make them fresh each day and cook them on the grill.  We add a few healthy bits and bobs to make them extra fluffy.  We finish each kofta off with organic lemon juice, fresh mint and fresh parsley.

We also add souvlaki alongside the kofta and batons of kohlrabi drizzled with lemon juice.

Our souvlaki is diced lean kid goat meat marinated in a time honoured way to ensure that it’s nice and tender when it comes off the grill. Because we take care in sourcing the right kid goat we don’t have to cook it for hours just a few minutes and we good to goat. If you ask us nicely we can cook it  medium rare which is our favourite, tell Sam our Grill Man we sent you and he will sort you out.