Healthy Eating

Gourmet Goat Ltd

Healthy Eating Strategy

We are firm believers in ‘Eat better quality meat’ less often

At gourmet goat we pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives.

  • Each dish we serve has at least two portions of vegetables contained within them
  • We offer balanced dishes with all the main food groups taken into consideration
  • All our food is healthy, low in sugar and saturated fats. We plan to provide nutritional information about our dishes by the end of June 2017
  • We offer a range of dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans and those with special dietary needs. Some of these are marked on the menu while others can be tailored to the customers’ needs at the time of order
  • We do not serve any fizzy drinks only water (which has a known link to charity providing water to third world countries)
  • We only use Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • We prioritise organic produce were feasible to help reduce unnatural chemicals within the food


  • Nutritional information to be added to menu and website by August 2017
  • Additional vegan dish to be added the menu by the end of 2017


Signed by: N P Stokes


Title: Operations Director

Date: 5th June 2017