About us

Gourmet Goat is run by Nadia and Nick Stokes.

Nick and Nadia Gourmet Goat - full

Nadia was born and lived the majority of her life in rural Cyprus. Her family lost everything during the Turkish invasion and so it was a back to basics existence.  Food became a way in which to connect with the past and with what was lost.   She has an innate sense of seasonality and a strong attention to the flavour details characteristic of rural east Mediterranean dishes.  When she moved to the UK to study she sought out similar ingredients to create dishes reminiscent of home.

It started with kid goat meat to recreate a celebratory dish but she had a lot of difficulty sourcing it. This didn’t make sense given the strength of the kid goat dairy industry, why was it that a glorious meat enjoyed by so many other countries was being culled.  Later rose veal was added to the menu because of its prominence in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and because like the billies from the dairy industry male calves should be utilised.

A deep desire to cook professionally and more importantly recreate East Mediterranean village dishes led us to create Gourmet Goat which within 20 months has achieved an enormous amount, including 5* Time Out Rating, BBC Food & Farming Street food of the year 2016.